Brandon Hawkes

interactive media designer / developer

Things I do

Front-end Web Development, Node JS, Arduino tinkering.

Things I like

Cycling, Magic the Gathering, Hack days, & cat T-shirts

Things I've done


Realtime-ish webcam/video to a Google spread sheet

Node JS and some simple image analysis. Also lots of conditional formatting.

Follow up to my hack at @hacksoton 6 bringing color and speed (a bit more) to the slower grayscale version here


Audience participating music sample cacophony. Projection mapped bricks which light up when someone is holding down a button on the accompanying mobile app.

Made at Music Hack Day London 2014. Collab with @skattyadz for the web audio stuff.

Surfaces is a browser based web application for projecting HTML content onto multiple surfaces at once.

Easy to use modules make it simple to play multiple videos, populate with social media and create sound based installations.

This was my final year project at Bournemouth University.

Run Forever

I made one of those addictive clicky upgrade games. Featuring me.

Don't play it here

#hacksoton 2

Democratic QWOP, presses keys on a host Mac depending on the percent of people pressing that on their mobile device.

Team hack with @seanmtracey and @birdyboy18

Led onto mac-control, NEStiplayer (democratic Mario) and KARTiplayer (democratic Mario Kart)

8 player foose pong

8 players, 16 devices, some sort of game.

Made during a month placement at Redweb, credit to them for producing the video.